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The Lagoon

The territory of the lagoon of Caorle is part of a river network called the Venetian coastline. It rely the Delta of Po with Triest Gulf.
Thanks to these "Waterways", along rivers and canals, you can reach places of historic and environmental resources, unique in their peculiarity.
Many nautical maps and informative brochures about the water routes in the territory are obtainable, and organized trips by boat are also available.
In the lagoon of Caorle you can find the old fishermen’s residences built of swamp reeds called “Casoni”, that reachble by bicycle or by boat.

North of the Caorle lagoon lies the Valle Zignago at the board with the “Great Valley”. It is famous for Hemingway’s long journey in the area menzioned in the novel “Across the River and into The Trees“.